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Iraklis Lampadariou is a Classics Teacher (Bachelor Honours, QTS, CELTA) and Chartered Linguist and Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL CL) with teaching experience in various schools in Greece, Slovakia and England where he has been living since 2015. He specialises in teacher mentoring, designing educational resources for Secondary students who are aiming to sit their GCSE exams in Modern Greek. He is the Founder of Speak Greek (www.speak-greek.com), of Saita Publications (www.saitapublications.gr) and Discimus (www.discimus.co.uk), a platform with hundreds of free resources for teaching Latin. He is one of the founding members of the Greek School of the United Kingdom (www.greekschooluk.co.uk) and he has written a significant number of books mainly for students and parents. Teaching and Qualifications, http://www.speak-greek.com/p/qualifications-certificates-iraklis.html

Proud of these two Projects

Inspiration without limits

Speak Greek

Speak Greek


Speak Greek promotes Greek language and Culture in Greater Manchester through a series of initiatives. Since 2017, Speak Greek offers bespoke lessons of Greek to all levels of learners by using interactive and engaging teaching methods. Other activities include: monthly free Greek conversation classes for adults, weekly support groups for children, a Greek library, play reading groups, sessions on Greek cuisine, dance classes, educational programs for schools, a pen pal project.

Saita Publications

Saita Publications


The idea of Saita publications emerged in July 2012, having as a primary goal to create a web space where new authors can interact with the readers directly and free. Saita publications' aim is to redefine the relationship between publisher-author-reader, by cultivating a true dialogue and by establishing an effective communication channel for authors and readers alike. Saita publications stay far away from profit, exploitation and commercialisation of literary property.