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Information the protagonist – TOP 10 EAD Stories

Αισθάνομαι μεγάλη συγκίνηση για την επιλογή του project “Information the protagonist” από την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή ως ένα από τα 10 καλύτερα στην Ευρώπη!

Η δήλωσή μου σχετικά με το συγκεκριμένο project:

“To get informed in a more precise and versatile way about a very serious problem that threatens our society and to join my strengths with other signatories across Europe, as I strongly believe that each one of us can make the difference”, was the main driver for Iraklis Lampadariou, a 24 year old Greek, participating in the European Action on Drugs campaign. Information is the key to raising awareness on drugs, according to Iraklis’ “EAD Top Ten Story”. The young man took action and raised awareness on drugs through street actions, radio spots, presentations to pupils and much more.

“The EAD increased the visibility of my project, helping get others inspired and create new projects”, Iraklis said in reference to the added value of the European Action on Drugs campaign. “The most important outcome of my project was the high number of young people who raised awareness about the problem of drug use at national and European level and the variety of ways that were used to achieve this goal”, he added.

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