Hello there – Ahoj! All good things come to an end. Unfortunately, my Comenius Assistantship has been completed two days ago and now I am back in my country, the warm and beautiful Greece! 
I have taken with me so many good memories, smiles, knowledge, ideas, pupils’ enthusiasm: a unique life experience which lasted 108 days (February, 28 – June, 15). 

During this short period of time more than 20 projects have been designed and implemented aiming at introducing the European Dimension in the Primary School Dr. Janskeho c.2, Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia. 
Here is the project titles list: 

1. Let’s save Energy/ Energy is overconsumpted. I do care.
2. Global warming – Global warning
4. The tasty bunch
5. 112 – European Emergency Number
6. Let’s blog! (Blogging seminars)
7. Hope for the Kayakos (Kayakos VS Farmers)
8. Mathias and Amadou
9. We can all control climate change
10. Milky
11. Where does milk come from?
12. Let’s explore Europe! (educational programme)
14. European Commission on my School’s doorstep!
15. Let’s clean the hill!
16. Celebrating European Youth Week 2011
17. Let me tell you about Comenius
18. Planting vegetables
21. Volunteer activity at the animals shelter
22. Educational programme about Volunteering
23. Retired teachers in classroom
24. A visit to Domena 

I would be glad to provide any assistance you may need in order to implement these projects into your classroom! Of course you can be inspired by them and further develop your own projects ;) For those of you who are interested in Children rights, Lifeguard & First Aid seminars and/ or Multilingualism, please drop me an e-mail at: lamiraklis@gmail.com in order to send you all the relevant material. At your orders! 

A BIG thanks to all who have helped me with my Comenius Assistantship! A BIG thanks to all pupils who actively participated in more than 20 projects that have been implemented since the very beginning of this Assistantship! A BIG thanks to the Greek National Agency (State Scholarships Foundation, Ίδρυμα Κρατικών Υποτροφιών) for its significant support! 

Thank you very much, good bye and Good luck! 
Dakujem vel’mi pekne, dovidenia a Veľa sťastia!